Sabine & Jeremy James


a show

for the whole family

'Back to the Middle-Ages '

A whirlwind of juggling and dancing to melodies and rythms of past times, straight from the middle-ages, magic tricks in the old style, vibrating sounds of the strings on the medieval harp and crystal-clear notes played on our musical-bells ... Let yourself be taken back to another time, another epoch, to simplealmost forgotten pleasures.

Our medieval show (45 minutes approx.) can play either on stage or simly on the street or in a park - with juggling - more or less juggling - depends on the wind - magic, music, acting and speaking whatever language, we're lucky to speak english, french and german ;o)

Our audience is invited to participate in our magic-tricks and laugh and scream along.

We have an autonomous soundmachine (50W, works on batteries, CD-Player and clip-on mics), yep - even for our medieval show...

No electrical cable or plug needed! :o)

Any questions?