Sabine & Jeremy James


Lutin & Lutine - our new Christmas-Show!

Soon it's Christmas !!! Lutin and Lutine are preparing the arrival of Father Christmas... The tree is put up already... but where are the glittery garlands, the colourful balls, the angels hair and the sparklers?

No problem! A couple of magic tricks, a little help from our audience and abracadabra!... what a beautiful tree!!!

Snowballs are whirling through the air, rings click together to a long glittering chain and clubs are sparkling in the candle-light.

Our showy Christmas preparations are accompanied by music played on our barrel-organ.Christmas-music - of course!

The crystal-notes played on the bells are ringing melodiously in the air...

Who would like to participate? Who would like to try out??? Come and play music on our barrel-organ and try to get a tune out of the bells! Don't be shy!

Our Christmas-Show (45 minutes approx.) can play either on stage or simply on the street - with juggling - more or less juggling - depending on the wind - magic, music, acting and speaking several languages (if needed), especially the famous Austian dialect ;o)

The audience is invited to participate in our magic-trics and laugh and scream along.

We have an autonomous soundmachine (50W, works on batteries, CD-Player and clip-on mics),

no electrical cable or plug needed! :o)

Any questions?