Sabine et Jeremy James

proudly present

an entertaining show for big and small

'Bini's Wonderful World'




All the way from Austria Bini and her companion will take you into their own little poetical world of juggling, magic and music, their barrel-organ, the accordeon that's over a hundred years old and the musical cow-bells... Did you ever have the dream of turning the crank of a street-organ, playing music on a set of bells or to throwing objects into the air? Don't hesitate - everything's possible!

Who knows the song of the red hat? Who would like to try to yodel?

Who is afraid of water ???


Bini's Wonderful World is (45 minutes approx.) can play either on stage or simply on the street or in a park - with juggling - more or less juggling - depends on the wind - magic, music, acting and speaking whatever language, especially the famous Austian dialect ;o)

Our audience is invited to participate in our magic-tricks and laugh and scream along.

We have an autonomous soundmachine (50W, works on batteries, CD-Player and clip-on mics),

no electrical cable or plug needed! :o)
Any question?