Sabine & Jeremy James


proudly present

a show for the whole family


'Arlequin and Colombine'

or 'Madame's new home'


The story: Arlequin and Colombine at Madame's new home. They are supposed to unpack, clean and prepare for their mistress' arrival the following day. But Arlequin doesn't feel like working at all, he doesn't stop teasing Colombine, he makes fun of her all the time. As the story goes on Colombine tells the audience her secret - in reality she is terribly in love with the horrible Arlequin... what can she do? She decides to change her attitude. She is not going to be nice to him anymore, she is going to give it back to him and tease him instead! She will even be a bit nasty to him .... Will she win his heart in the end???




Arlequin and Colombine is a romantic little show (45 minutes approx.) that can play either on stage or simply on the street or in a park - with juggling, magic, music, acting (freely inspired by the Commedia Dell'Arte)

Our audience is invited to participate in our magic-tricks and laugh and scream along.

We have an autonomous soundmachine ( it works on batteries, there is a CD-Player and clip-on mics),

no electrical cable or plug needed! :o)


We can even teach you how to juggle!


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