Sabine & Jeremy James present

The show! Le grand spectacle!

The story :

The etablissement 'Cabaret Etoile' has only just reopened. The new 'Madame' announces the big opening show, incredible numbers that have come from all around the world, strass and glitter and everything ... but the artists have just left ... and ... the electricity has just been cut off ... the show is sold out and all the audience is waiting to see the great show ... what to do? ... okay ... the show must go on!

Come and see the 50-minute show, the diva and the odd-job man, nice costumes (the characters change costume three times each during the show) a red velvet curtain and a cabaret-atmosphere, juggling (goblets, cigar-boxes, rings, fire, crystal balls), magic (with feather-dusters, flowers, the chinese rings and the 'indian trunk') theater, nice peaces of music and the grande finale: a magic illusion whith which the funny couple finally opens the new show, and better than that ... they did it and ... it was a big success ... by only the two of them!




Oh - very important - the photos are by Michael Brown - Kinsale Arts Council - thank you so much !




For this show we need a stage of 5x4 meters minimum vor putting up our free-standing back-drop (red velvet), further we need some light and a person to handle it (don't worry, it is not too difficult), if there is no sound-system (close to the stage) we can install our little 50W music-system, and for being able to perform all our numbers in good circumstances we need about 5 meters of hight above the stage, the possibility to darken the room completely and some electricity-plugs close to the stage, the authorization of doing a fire-number inside the theatre or other building, and the extinction of sprinklers or fire-detecters, then we need publicity, seats for our audienced and ... people to come and see our show! ;o)